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Outstanding!!! So powerful and so brilliant. Great imagery with lovely flow. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up


The African culture is crying indeed. I am speechless and I pray grace and mercy to uphold the virtues that rather builds us up rather than divide us.

God bless you Mr. John for this truth

Dorothy Akoto

I recommend this article to everyone. Please read this article and you will be highly motivated.
God bless you and keep it up Silas.


We need not make hasty judgements but we must rather provide solutions. Let’s help a brother/sister out of his/her situation that we will not be victims to their future actions. Thanks for the awareness.


Wow, this is very inspiring,this piece is powerful,i believe more of these words will help us check ourselves if we are not deviating from what our father expects from us.God bless you and send you on higher grounds