Gamble, Grumble, Gaggle
Gamble I Grumble
Gaggle I Gamble
Grumble I Gaggle
It okay
Am enough
Not okay but enough
No more!
No more I say

Gambling with life
Game of chance
Chasing the wind
Weaken my strength in the middle of the way
shortened my days
But life always won
Grumble I did
Lost to life

Words can’t express how I feel
Giving my best
Gaggle I Gamble
O God, don’t take me away now¬† before I grow old
Not wear out like garment and be discarded
O God, may I live in your presence and be established before you

By Glory of God

God's glory is my name, come from Shama in the western region of Ghana n stay at Amasaman in the Ga-West municipal of Accra. Love anything in craft n art like drawing, dancing, acting but most especially baking n writing. Favorite quotes: "Gratitude is the attitude of breakthrough" by TD Jakes , and "Love like you've never been hurt" by Franklin Jentenzen

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