I remain awake
Alert for the purpose
I stood on the lookout
To protect
Keeping watch
At the tower
My duty
I declare what I see
Dark and light
So my enemies would not overtake me by surprise
To sound the trumpet for battle

Peace and safety
On duty
Suddenly destruction hit me
Like a thief
And could not escape

They lay siege on my castle of my mind and body
Attacked and conquered
Their horses and horsemen were fierce
Brisk and furious
Had no compassion
They steal, kill and destroy
They robed me of my joy
And seized my valuable possessions

The city sits solitary,
Once full of people now empty
Gone into captivity
Afflicted with great servitude
And find no rest

Slumbing and sleeping Lust and convertous my companion

A little sleep
A little slumber
The army of life overtakes
The old, the young, the weak and the strong , all are running for their lives
They are everywhere
They lay siege on my mind
Armies of depression, suppression and oppression

There they stand in badges and ranks.
Armies of failure
Armies of fear and guilt
Armies of suicide
Armies of stigmatization
Armies of stagnation and immobility
Armies of doubt,
And they are ever ready to destroy.
They understand no language
Than that of destruction
They seek no permission before they enter cities.

Would you sit adamant, till they overtake you?
Look at my afflictions and learn
Oh watchman!
Awake daughter Zion!
Wake up, sleeper,
And rise from death
Keep watch
Be sober
Be vigilant
Because our adversary the devil is roaring
Like a lion
Seeking whom to devour Wait for the LORD Oh anointed one!

By Glory of God

God's glory is my name, come from Shama in the western region of Ghana n stay at Amasaman in the Ga-West municipal of Accra. Love anything in craft n art like drawing, dancing, acting but most especially baking n writing. Favorite quotes: "Gratitude is the attitude of breakthrough" by TD Jakes , and "Love like you've never been hurt" by Franklin Jentenzen

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