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Oh shall wonders ever cease?
When at once I was in a living water
Respiring in the arms of a cool breeze
Thy cool embrace as my Mother
Considered I not a break or an end
For I dreamt of an eternal river
Yet you took a turn and bend
Down my spines I shiver
Though in my arms, thou lovest elsewhere
Thy heart took a glance aside
Now am near slain, thou rid me of air
For often myself I chide haven confide
Now my riverbed is dried and unknown
Shall I find no other or I reckon the lone?

By Ethel Adika

"I will write what I love, and what I long for, in the hopes that for someone, it might be not only a way out, but a way in " - V. E. Schwab... I passionately write anything concerning humanity and today's globe which serves the needs and interests of my people. I'm a specialist in poetry, quotes and articles. "I build a world of fiction through the arts of the pen on the sheet so the the world can have solace, courage, an avenue of amelioration and change" - Ethel Adika

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