youngster putting rose flower to head in suicidal thoughts
A poem written by Ethel and Gloria

Suicide as an escape
Struggling to survive
Laugh in the open but dying in the secret
Lost, consumed by self hate
To endure my pain

Idol my wealth and accomplishment
Applause on the outside
But disgust inside

Tenses of life
Gripes fear
Frustrated, depressed and oppressed

Option has run out and _
Don’t know, who I am?
Nothing left to fight for
Suicide deep in my head
To say goodbye and good night

Suicide, the only escape
An end to the tears
A new dawn to break the dark
The only identity behind the pretence

My pain nobody notices
My plight no one sees
My body clothed in depression daily
Suicide the only ticket to freedom

No! There is too much to bear
Hurt, bitter and twisted
No energy to bare the trauma
No strength to pass through anymore nook and cranny

My identity no longer in place
A falsehood now my race
Now I want to run
Now I want to hide
Where I struggle no longer

No helping hand near
Neither can I fix myself
Lips too heavy to open up
Heart unwilling to trust

Then a Strange Voice, a Deity whisper
If ever I asked my Pilot, The Maker
For a guide, I could see in the realm beyond
A clear gaze of celestial lights

The Voice reechoed, deeper, louder
If I forgot the heads, right on my shoulders
If I considered looking behind
Thus how far, I come, the initial plights

Yet suicide has overtaken me
Though my wish for nobody to be self-slained
I heed not to the Voice
But welcome the dirge

A weapon – a knife
A poison – a deadly drug
A rope to suffice a hang
My head, on a wall bang
Now, my mangled body,

I leave behind
To announce my unnoticed depression
The spill of blood to make my tears obvious
Suicide the only way to escape
An inert body to bid good bye

By The Empire

Revolutionary minded writers with great desire to recreate the world via prophetic writings whereby the inhabitants will decorate it (the world) with positive vibes and eschew bitterness. We are all part of The Empire and the Lord Jesus Christ is our king.

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