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I wish not to scribe beyond
For the world to think I lie
But my lines portrays the reality
A full package of your personality
That outshines the eye of heaven
May it not be seen in my line as extraordinary
But indeed you’re beyond the ordinary
Your beauty beats imagination
Your smile is contagious
Your benevolence is infectious
In you is a light that shines for the nation
Though my lines may not suffice
The myriad components of your composition
I pray therefore, the yet unborn thow in your footprints

By Ethel Adika

"I will write what I love, and what I long for, in the hopes that for someone, it might be not only a way out, but a way in " - V. E. Schwab... I passionately write anything concerning humanity and today's globe which serves the needs and interests of my people. I'm a specialist in poetry, quotes and articles. "I build a world of fiction through the arts of the pen on the sheet so the the world can have solace, courage, an avenue of amelioration and change" - Ethel Adika

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