As young as she is like a tender bud
Her beautiful curvature and slender self
Looks sumptuous and irresistible
With lustful eyes and flirting tongue
You said to yourself”I must have her!”

You watch every movement of hers
Praying for a chance for execution
On her mission of running an errand
You lay ambush like a hunter with spears poised
You bounce and pounce on her like a hungry viscous panther

Yelling, fighting, pleading, crying
You grab her,
Cover her mouth,
Place her on a shoulder into a safest place
Tears like elegant pearls danced down her face
But none to set her free

She feels her world has been terminated
With tightly closed eyes
She prayed for a guardian angel who never came
She pleads with you not to do that to her
Yet you were adamant

You abruptly pin her to the dirty dark ground
Yank off her garments like paper
Force a rag into her mouth to avert a shout

You force your way into her innocence
Thrust away so roughly
She gasps for air as she feels the pains
Like ripping knife that tears her body apart
She looks directly into your face with sorrow-filled heart
Her eyes cry for pity yet you linger
She cries in pain but you claim you gain pleasure

You had your way with her and fled
Left her not even with a mot of “sorry”
She never felt this weak all her life
You rob her dignity and purity
You left a scar that never heals

All alone in silence,
In the pool of blood,
She wilts and cry
She wonders her wrongs
All dreams are shuttered
What would her parents do or say?
Who would hear her story without laughter or mockery?
All these have darkened her soul
In abyss of pain and anger,
And with devouring grin shouts to herself
“You are a murderer!”
“A soulless creature!”
” A beast and I hate you!”
“Oh my world is ruined!”

By Ethel Adika

"I will write what I love, and what I long for, in the hopes that for someone, it might be not only a way out, but a way in " - V. E. Schwab... I passionately write anything concerning humanity and today's globe which serves the needs and interests of my people. I'm a specialist in poetry, quotes and articles. "I build a world of fiction through the arts of the pen on the sheet so the the world can have solace, courage, an avenue of amelioration and change" - Ethel Adika

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