Sun Scorch
Rain Beat
In The Boxing Arena With My Two Alliances
My First Opponent Was The Sun
Its Rays Was One To Contend With

Round one
Klan, klan, klan
It’s soft
It’s beautiful
We have confederacy
We wrestle both looking at our strength

Round 2,3,4
Increasing its level of heat
Hot but could adjust
It’s getting unbearable
It pares my heart and soul
Asked I, is that your best?
Holding him my hands burned
To win, I must
Fight to the end

Round 5,6,7
The sun brisk its rays
Can’t see
Can’t Breath
I need water
I need air
I screamed
I’m burning ooooooo
I’m waxing away
Blinding by its brightness
Walking is painful
Standing is sorrowful
Seating is dreadful
Lying is ……………….
Will I die? I thought
I smell roasted barbecue
Being roasted
Draining the life out of me
I have to overcome
Fight back I said but how
All my plans have failed
I can hear the crue, and shiiiiiiiiii sound
My body drained
I give up

Round 8
Wait, I’m not done with you
I laid lifeless and helpless
Without hope
I call’d for help but to no avail
I crush down like the walls of Jericho
Sun said wait for my brother
You have to have a feel of him
He laughs to scorn
All tears dry out. Can’t cry, can’t shout for help
Who would and can help me?
Sun went out of the ring

Round 9
Rain came
He blew fresh breeze with a few drops
What a breeze?
He nursed my wounds and bruises
Took his time and cared for me
Now I could not feel the pain
Held my hands and helped me to stand
His words were sweet
Handsome, loving, delicious
I thought no one has cared for me as he did
I Felt love,
I’m in love
He said I’m here to comfort you
We danced
I hoped this never, never ends

Round 10
At last my Savior
I drank of him
Sweet but painful
He ravished me with his love
Fresh rain
Brisk it heaviness
It filled the ring to my ankle
In the next few minutes
The water was up to my waist
He said, ‘I would teach you how to swim, don’t be afraid’
Kk, I said.

Round 11
With Crimson eyes
Doom his face
Furious I saw
He usurped me and placed me in bondage
Now he was
As waters of river
Strong and many
He reaches even to my neck
Stretching out his wings filled the length and breadth of the ring
Came as strong and many waves on me
As tornado carrying the heavy machine
Called to Rain but to no avail
In vexation
Drowning to the bottom
The dimness of the sun on me
Is not as the vexation of the Rain

Round 12
The final round said Rain
Take your last breath and
Say your last prayer
Death creeping in
I could hear it call out my name
In bondage could not see my way out
Sun tap the back of rain
Finally, our plan is accomplished
To the bottom of the water
Waited so long for this moment
Oya! bye, bye with smile on their faces
In a small still voice I heard my name
In a blear of my eyes I saw a hand pull me from the bottom of the waters
Paved a way for my freedom
Out of the ring
I could see the surprise on their faces
Their wish and plans have failed
He who the Son sets free is free indeed.

By Glory of God

God's glory is my name, come from Shama in the western region of Ghana n stay at Amasaman in the Ga-West municipal of Accra. Love anything in craft n art like drawing, dancing, acting but most especially baking n writing. Favorite quotes: "Gratitude is the attitude of breakthrough" by TD Jakes , and "Love like you've never been hurt" by Franklin Jentenzen

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