Life is God’s gift to humanity intended to be the gardener of nature. The beauty of nature would have remained just a horoscope if not for the dominion ability given to mankind to maintain and ensure continuity in the beauty of nature. For this reason, life has been subjected to a lot of paradigm shifting where not only the body form of man is changing but the knowledge and wisdom of man too. Associated with this paradigm of shift is the complexities in choices and decision making. One of the areas in man’s life which has been affected most by the complexities in shifting paradigms is making a career choice.

Unlike the previous age where children were left with no option than to follow the legacy of their parents or guardians, the current dispensation has offered a lot of flexibility in owning oneself through the choice of a desired career. Though sometimes parents and guardians try to influence the decision of their wards, the fierce battle of independently choosing a career have won the peace of every home. That is, if parents and guardians desire peace and unity in their homes, they dare not oppose the career decision of their wards.

Despite the growing knowledge and wisdom that the current dispensation has offered humanity as part of its benefits(flexibility on owning oneself through choosing a desired career), it is also associated with some challenges, and notable among them is making a good career choice. Yes, we now have the freedom of making a career choice but making a befitting career choice and developing an actionable plan has become the new Goliath; even the aged has been bullied by this problem.


Career is the general course of action or conduct in life, or in a particular part or calling in life, or in some special undertaking (English Dictionary). Stated differently, career can be defined as a designated path through which an individual exhibits his/her capabilities and skills content. Thus, an engineer or software developer as an example of career implies the software developer living a meaningful life by reasoning, acting, producing, and making ends meet through software developing.
A career choice therefore is the act of choosing from a list of careers.

4 Practical Steps To Making a Befitting Career Choice.

1. By the definition of career above, it can be seen that career has a direct link with the calling of an individual. Calling is the role that an individual must play to ensure peace and continuity in nature or creation, and therefore makes them very passionate about things concerning that role. An individual that has a calling in education will always be enthusiastic when talking and doing something that will have a direct or indirect impact on education. Likewise, journalism among others. What are you very passionate about? Paying attention to the thing that easily moves or turns you on is the first step to take when making a career choice.

Although not all career choice relates to what an individual is passionate about, it will be to the benefit of the individual in question if he/she pays attention to passion before making the choice. All careers are careers, but not all careers are befitting as such a lot of people are frustrated in their chosen career. The chosen career may be paying but won’t be peaceful and enjoyable to you if it has no connection with your calling.

2. The design of an artifact tells what the artifact is meant for and thus its capabilities. As a result, the next point of call when making a befitting career choice is looking within one’s self. Given that a rice cooker is meant to be used for cooking rice, it appears to have a cooking pan, lid, and an electric heating element in it. In addition, it has a thermostat for regulating the boiling temperature in the cooking pan, making it have the ability to automatically cook rice. If one is ignorant of the capabilities of the rice cooker and tries using it to cook a different item, surely the rice cooker will fail.

Consequently, the talents and abilities of an individual are good indicators of the career choice that will be a perfect fit for him/her. What are your capabilities? what skills do you have? What can you do at ease? Identifying them is the next step to making a befitting career choice. Failing to identify them is equivalent to failing in life.

3 Steps To Discovering Your Capabilities

• Pay attention to the little things you do but deem as insignificant.
• Pay attention to the comments that your parents, friends, teachers, and others say about you and the things you do.
• Take positive adventures; try new things whiles paying attention to how you go about them.

3. Research into the various career choices available and their demands. There’s no choice when there are no alternatives, and there won’t be alternatives when one is ignorant of their availability. Having knowledge about the available career choices will help you know the ones that in perfect alignment with your talents, skills, and values in life. This particular step is the problem of many people in the current as they are ignorant of careers that are best fits for their talents and skills.

It is thus very expedient to take steps to knowing the various careers and their requirements; the courses or certificate, experience, skills, among others that you need to possess to in order to fruitfully pursue them.

Read books, magazines, utilize search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, among others to search for articles and also join relevant online forums that discuss issues concerning career choices.

4. When you finally get a match, you must seek guidance from mentors and people who are in your desired career field. Before there was a Jesus, there was a John the Baptist to prepare the way for Him. Likewise, before you thought about that career choice, someone had already prepared the way for you. You need to get in touch with that person to get access to the discoveries he/she has made over the years in that field so that you can follow suit easily, and even make more exploits. It is said that it is only the fool who learn by experience when there are a lot of people available with diverse experience in that course.

We will talk about a step by step guide to preparing a carrier plan in the next episode. Please stay tune.

By John Mefful

John Mefful is a virtual assistant and a freelance writer in diverse fields. He was born and groomed in the dark vegetation of Africa, Ghana to be precise. He is an Alumnus of the University of Cape coast, with strong writing and oratory skills. He is passionate about writings which challenge status quos.

  1. Everyone needs this piece of writing either to make amends or to follow suit. Full of wisdom and very helpful in this generation.
    Bravo, Mr. John Mefful.

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