Where would I be
Where would I stand had it not been for You
Father You found me

Is the song that she would sing
Every night that men sleep
Because this one thing the moon knows
It was a Father that formed her
Contrary to what some men thought
She was not formed from the residue from some explosion
This I know
That for a creature so beautiful as her
To be able to bring out a beauty I never thought existed out of me
Then her creator must be The Creator
Who must have taken His time
To form her every curve and shape her this perfectly
Since the first day I saw you, I’ve been wondering
If the moon ever came on a vacation
Who would she look like, you?
When I make a mental projection of the moon unto this earth
It is you that I see

We tend to prefer the day to the night
Because it comes with little to no light
Mostly darkness
But when you get the moon in your night
Especially when it’s full and bright
You do not wish so much for the morning to come
For the sun loses his beauty at that time
And you realize perfect brightness is not what we seek
But brightness through the dark
Brightness through the stony rocks
To the deepest core of a heart
My heart, you’ve reached
With the beautiful crown of a smile
And I smile back anytime I see your face, hear your name or even think about you
Oh, I think about you
I really do
I think about the day when
We’ve passed the ‘walking down the aisle’
Proclaiming our “I do’s”
And we sit face to face
With the moon
Brightening our night
Being the light that makes me see every feature of your face
And every curve, your very shape
Wait, before we get lost in my thoughts
I’ve got to say this
I fell in love with the moon
But you came in and outshined her shine
You deepened my smile
And frankly, I don’t want this smile to fade away
I want us to sit on that night, face to face
As we give each other a gaze
A gaze at the one with whom we have fulfilled Matthew 19 verse 5

I guess what I’m trying to say is
I love you

By Kwame Obeng

STEPHEN OKERAKU OBENG (KWAME OBENG) is a Ghanaian poetry and story writer. Since his childhood, Kwame has been a big lover of fictional love stories and has resorted to writing, to promote the course of love in real life.

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