I am a lion
My roar is loud, it can break the walls of Jericho within five seconds
I am not the fastest of runners but even the cheetah cannot cheat me of my meal
I will outrun it, hunt it down and have my meal
You see, men say I am courageous, even the most courageous animal in this jungle

I am an elephant
My bigness is that much that I’d trample on a cat without knowing
My presence is announced ny my footsteps, no need to make a sound

The truth is, this is what I often think and certainly what I’d like you to think too
I am an ant in the jungle, voiceless, unseen, barely visible
It is my species that get killed and buried in a micro second
It is we who walk in the presence of other animals and no sound is heard, nor even our smell noticed

You see, I am the invisible person in the crowd
Among the short and tall, the big and small
I am trampled upon
You call me timid or shy
And I do not even bother to deny
I mean, why should I
Everything is so obvious, I must be blind not to see
I am fearful not fearless and my roar is loudest only in my head
And in reality my loudest roar never even escapes my lips
In the jungle where the lion is king, I do not even qualify to be his meal
But I am not trying to downcast myself, no
I am important
I could teach the basic of lessons, even the lesson of storage
I am beneficial to those who come close, to those who look down to see me
But in this jungle, with all the noise, I am just that unseen ant

By Kwame Obeng

STEPHEN OKERAKU OBENG (KWAME OBENG) is a Ghanaian poetry and story writer. Since his childhood, Kwame has been a big lover of fictional love stories and has resorted to writing, to promote the course of love in real life.

4 thought on “In The Jungle”
  1. It sometimes feels like we rather go to the lion and learn to trample on people

  2. Proverb 6:6
    Go to the ant u lazy person consider it ways n be wise.
    It didn’t say go to the lion like we all be dead. Great peace. Very small n tiny but very wise indeed.

  3. Mr. Ant Ayeeekoooooooo. I was just wondering which animal you’re describing but its unveiled already

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