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When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always must think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

Sophia Loren

Motherhood is the state of being a mother or the kingship relation between an offspring and the mother. However, the state of being a mother is not only characterized by the ability of a woman to bring forth a child into the world, but also spun the justness, goodness, loving, and kindness nature of a woman who nurtures a child. That is, a mother doesn’t necessarily have to be a lady or woman who channeled a child into the world directly from her womb.

Motherhood is a gift to humanity that ought to be honoured on every platform. Trivializing motherhood is just like not reckoning the necessity of life. The early morning rising before the last person in the family gives his/her last yawning, setting everybody up and putting the house in order before and after the day’s work is a special skill not everybody can have. Thus, considering the level of sacrifices associated with motherhood, any entity addressed as a mother is genuinely selfless and priceless, and not acknowledging such entity will speak of the world in a state of jeopardy.

Undoubtedly, the efficiency of motherhood can be best measured among human beings because of our unique reasoning ability. Nonetheless, some special creatures can execute motherhood role better than or sometimes like human beings, and they are worth emulating. A typical example is the sea, and she will be the focal point of this article.

The scenery of the beach during the stillness of the day is worth the risk of the twilight repercussing when sitting at Nkonso Beach (a beach directly opposite the south gate of University of Cape Coast) alone: it is highly probable that you will be robbed. The first entity to welcome you to the beach is the sea with its brave but soothing roar, bearing the good morning my son or daughter greetings. After which it sweeps you off any high temperature with its cold breeze.

A holistic view of the roaring waves of the sea reveals the incubation of holiness of her shore as the water retracts its steps back into the ocean’s deep. Just as human mothers wake up at dawn to set their houses up for the family by sweeping and making available all the equipment (breakfast, lunch, dresses for school and work, among others) needed for the day’s work, Mother sea also sweeps its surroundings, keeps the garbage at a distance from her shore line at dawn (latest 4:30 it is done sweeping) and sets her beach up to welcome all her visitors. At sunrise, Mother sea welcomes surfers, swimmers, and all her admirers with smiles as sweet as the scent of jasmine flower. With all diligence, she executes her daily obligations and never miss the joy of leaving smiles on the faces of her visitors. There is no better place to be than the sea.

Sermons and teachings of forgiveness started before the coming of Christ, yet after His departure it is on its apex. Even though most religious and traditional folks leverage on forgiveness to keep relationships going, some perpetuators also leverage on forgiveness to harm and exploit people. As such, Laws and law-enforcement agencies rush to mind whenever valuables are to be protected, and disputes outgrow the sovereignty of traditional round table dispute settlement. Undoubtedly, the greatest defining quality of motherhood is the ability of a mother to forgive her children and forget the pain as against her justice nature. Even with such quality in place, most mothers are weakened by their just nature and sometimes either strike their children very hard or hand them over to the police. Should Mother Sea be with human emotions, she would surely have called for the toughest forces to guard her against intentional unhygienic people. But for her overflowing love she always absorbs the insults (garbage) of people at day time, gather and deposit them at a sound place to be collected by her genuine lovers (beach keepers). It is very disappointing to sometimes find people with good reasoning abilities, use the shore of Mother Sea as their bowel dumping site and wash their asses after their evil give offs in the sea. Mother Sea is begging those people to desist from such acts; it breaks her heart.

Between the breast of every mother lies solution to the expedition of heartbreaks. In joyous defining moments, the pats and laughs of mothers take children on ecstasy hikes, and when the coin get twisted (moments of depression), children find comforts in between the breast of their mothers. Mother Sea has its own way of making people forget their miseries in the phases of life, whiles wiping tears off their cheeks as long as they stay with her (sea). She works her way down the hearts of its admirers by thrusting through their chests, hovering around their depressed hearts with its stinging but comforting cold breeze and sets them free. Is your heart broken or troubled? Allow yourself to feel the magical touch of Mother Sea, and surely you will be comforted.

In addition, it is always fascinating to take strolls by the side of Mother Sea when the sun is setting, and more intriguing when the sun is rising at dawn. The view always pays the patient passersby a lot. Because of this scenery, some people have defined the seashore as their library and reading room. They claim their brain is able to absorb much when studying at the beach – the power of mother sea’s touches.

If there is any creature with emulating in hard work, beauty, cleanliness, love, and real sacrifices, then that should be the sea. On this note, I want to beseech all human beings to reciprocate her love, cherish and respect the hygiene protocols of the sea.

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By John Mefful

John Mefful is a virtual assistant and a freelance writer in diverse fields. He was born and groomed in the dark vegetation of Africa, Ghana to be precise. He is an Alumnus of the University of Cape coast, with strong writing and oratory skills. He is passionate about writings which challenge status quos.

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  1. Great piece Truth, ‘ mother sea’. Since centuries mother sea has been a great protector, provider, amazing, love n friendly …… No wonder we cant hv enough of it so without the love of our mothers life becomes empty. God bless u.

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