History as defined by many engines and repositories of vocabulary compendiums is only valuable when there is the need for people to visit the past (some will say), but history is really history and eminent only when it leaves no traces of the lifestyle and achievements of people and elements of interest in the past, out of its documentation. Besides, the narration of the history of Okomfo Anokye, Yaa Asantewaa, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Busia, Jerry John Rawlings, among others will have no meaning to their hearers if it can’t make their achievements tangible to them (the hearers).

Sometimes a good history makes people want to be in the past themselves – If only time machine is real and can serve their need without any casualties, they would have given their all to go there. For instance, the narration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only living God, makes people want to (at least) take a peep of events that are being narrated. I guess they are mostly too sweet to be true, though we can’t be oblivious of the traces of truth in all that we hear. In another instance, hearing a man called Lazarus died and was buried for about three days yet at Jesus’s call, he came out of the tomb without anybody’s help when all his body parts were wrapped together. I mean! how easy is this to be believed, yet we have more than eighty percent (80%) of the world’s population believing it. Definitely when questioning this belief system based on the history that people have heard, I surely will want to be there to confirm it for myself.

History is no history unless it is able to cause the readers or hearers to relate the past with the present. Achieving this goal is paramount to the growth and development of human beings and nations. In fact, it is very necessary for the improvement of the living standard of humanity. Whereas growth is defined by changes in the volume of items or elements (infrastructure, production, population, among others), development is defined to capture sustained growth over a defined period of time. Thus, positive growth leads to development. Clearly, development is an improvement on a series of sustained growth, and this is where the need for good documentation comes in to play – writing.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines writing as something written, such as letters or characters that serve as visible signs of ideas, words or symbols. Stated differently, It is the encoding of messages in words; storing ideas, feelings, thoughts, and life events in words for future reference or as a medium of communication. There are various forms of writing and they all serve specific purposes – some for entertainment, keeping records, giving explanations (mostly to symbols), and others for expressing views concerning topics or events of interest. Nonetheless, all forms of writing pursue one common goal, and that is to serve as a medium of communication – either to one’s self or others. Everyone has a message to communicate.


Giving a little thought to the exploration of creation, you will agree with me that creation cannot be fully understood in a single dispensation. Taking the expedition around the world for an example, history holds it that it started in one generation, got disproved in another dispensation and later got confirmed in the next dispensation. The Babylonians believed the earth was hollow; the Egyptians thought the earth was a square; Aristotle postulated that the earth is spherical with about six (6) distinct proves, which was accepted but later became a debate because of Cosmas Indicopleustes’s (a monk) theory which claimed the earth to be flat (you can read more on it here), and finally by the expeditions of Sir Ferdinand Magellan and others, it have been proved, certified and accepted that the earth is not spherical but geoid or closer to an ellipsoid. This is only one example of exploration, but you can think about how progress have been made in exploring other important aspects of creation and our lives as well. Undoubtedly, progress in these explorations are only possible if the people are able to document their methods and findings. Thus, writing helps in further exploration of elements of interest (the earth, stars, moon, relationship, methods of operation, among others).

Clearly, it can be seen that various developments were based on the findings of others which were documented for others to read or for the next generation they were expecting. The documented findings of Albert Einstein, Adam Smith, Moses, Mathew, Mark, James, John; they wrote books in the bible, Herodotus, Thucydides among others have served as a basis for a lot of inventions in our generation. Thus, it is said that we create new things based on the works of others. The level of progress in the current generation, will be determined by the progress of the past generation. Likewise, the progress of the next generation will be determined by the progress of the current generation. So, in the nut shell, the level of progress in one dispensation is dependent on the progress of another dispensation. Our ability to make more discoveries and document them is what will help the next generation to progress in understanding the world. Making more discoveries is not much paramount to development than its documentation. If the inventors of aeroplane didn’t document their approaches, it would have been very difficult for the next generation of inventors to improve upon it. They will have to understand the previous invention before they can ask relevant questions and keep probing for answers to continue the production process or make changes to arrive at the master piece that they envision. Hence writing helps to bring the master piece of ideas into reality.

The documented vision of some leaders in the past is what has become the strongest driving engine of some countries. For instance, the 1963 documented vision of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has now become the vision of Ghana for the next 42 years (Agenda 2063). A vision conceived by an individual, in actual sense, is meant for a whole generation and is usually not accomplished by the vision bearer. That is, the vision may not be the accomplished in the dispensation that it was conceived. For instance, the first expedition around the world was started by Sir Ferdinand Magellan. But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to accomplish it – It was accomplished by his team. Obviously, he was privileged to have a strong team who believed in his vision, and they really helped him to actualize his idea, but what if he had no such team as his fortress? Definitely the vision would have been left hanging. Thus, Writing helps to accomplish vision, even in the absence of the vision bearer.

Furthermore, what would have happened if Sir Ferdinand had not mentioned his idea to anyone or documented it or perhaps, he and his team had not documented their encounters on the expedition. I guess probably there wouldn’t have been any team to take same voyage to validate his claim. Even if any team arises, their chances of success would have been very slim, and his claim wouldn’t have had any effect. They documenting their challenges and successes exposed the other expediters to know how to navigate the earth with ease (even if a little). Given the current level of technological advancement, it is very evident that it will take less time and stress than previously to take on such a voyage. By the discoveries that Sir Ferdinand or other people made while travelling around the world has shaped the design of technologies to make such seemingly impossible travels to be easy. Hence, writing helps to validate discoveries and also to design appropriate technologies to accomplish specific tasks.

According to Ray Bradbury “you must stay drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy you.” In other words, writing is a shield that saves humanity from destroying itself, destroying nature or nature destroying them, and so it is very important to give your all to writing. Your ideas, discoveries, and life’s events are meant to make you, other people and nature better. You cannot accomplish all those wonderful ideas and discoveries alone; you need a team and your team can only continue your studies and production in your absence if you document your ideas, methods, and strategies. Even if you should get an entire nation as your teammates, you may not be able to comprehend, invent or accomplish that discovery you want to make. To ensure continuity, you have to write.

Practically, we owe posterity a lot. If we accept that we have been able to do more because of the documented success of our predecessors then we have to do same for the next generation. If you don’t write, you cease a whole nation or a whole generation from developing. Your ideas, visions and discoveries must live on! Therefore YOU MUST WRITE

Not giving room to writing is equivalent to not allowing the next generation to live.


With that being said, The Empire is opened to all who want to keep their ideas alive and also help in the development of nations, our generation; the next, and the world at large. To join the empire, please click on HERE, fill the form, state your area of speciality in the message session, and submit it. We will contact you.

By John Mefful

John Mefful is a virtual assistant and a freelance writer in diverse fields. He was born and groomed in the dark vegetation of Africa, Ghana to be precise. He is an Alumnus of the University of Cape coast, with strong writing and oratory skills. He is passionate about writings which challenge status quos.

  1. Woow John! Beautiful piece of a wake up call. God bless you. No thought, idea or dreams will be trivialised henceforth. It must be jotted down

  2. Most of us hv lost our vision, thoughts n ideas cos we did not write it down. From today I make a decision to write every little idea that comes to mind. God bless u for giving more insight why I should write. Wow God bless u.

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