The Silent chirpings from the soles of the hoofs of the travelers

Being made aloud by lifeless leaves from the mighty tree

Oppressed, suppressed and suffocated by the charming stare of the sun.

The freezing sting of the moon desires power

That it may comfort its creatures hungover.

But its might is made null by the stunning glare of the sun.

If the mighty knew the end of time, probably they would have dated their days on time.


Seasons come and go, leaving traces of their stings on the life of man and making room for divine illuminants to express their bonified glory on other creatures. The sun rises to give hope and ring the bell of life’s duty in men. The waking up alarm with its fierce smile can sometimes be troubling; more especially when its scorching rays cannot be kept in a stand – still motion by the curtains in our rooms. consequently, we toss to and fro, side by side on the bed hoping the night would arrest the sun, and buy us enough time to sleep away our pains, troubles and sorrows. Though this is not the story of all, it is the story of many.

To many, well…at least a shape to call a home would have done the magic of the hustle. Hence, God bless the constructors of bridges and overheads, at least they get a place to rest their bodies after the hard day’s kill. Whereas the sun’s uprising is natures beauty to behold at sight to some and an impossible wish to others, to the road sides, bridges and overhead residents, it is a curse they wish they never woke up to see.

The books of history have recorded the most sort after empire as mansions and storey buildings. This luxury and its attached prestige caused many to spill blood recklessly to satisfy their greed – they wanted to rise in the ranks of the richest. Truthfully, that used to be the order in some years past, but the trigger today is a capsized compass. The goal of the ambitious is to be the Lord of the street. The street in its lowliness in the past decade was worthless, discarded and left for the spoilt. Thus, for one to be attributed to the street is to say the individual in question is (if not a bit closer to being useless) is a moron; not only that but a liability and a disgrace to society. That was the testimony of the past generation, but what do we see in this dispensation? I guess the popular quote of the Christian fraternity is true – “the glory of the later house will be greater than the former”. In the voice of the strong on the street, life is now rosy on the street. No wonder even those who inherited fortunes from birth want to credit their beginning to the streets.

The street of golden opportunities

Glittering on the mind of many from afar

Its name brew fresh and choicest juice

In the souls of many from afar.

Weaving dreams in both the weak and the strong

To be an anchor to the less privileged


The city rests on the south eastern part of Ghana and is anchored half way by a cliff, 25 to 40 feet (8 to 12 meters) high. It spans over undulating plains in the northward direction (Britannica, 2021). Accra is estimated to have a surface area of about 225.7 km2 (Google, 2021), with a population ranging a bit over four million people. It is believed that Accra was founded by the people of the Ga tribe – more specifically, the Adangbe’s. This could explain why the city is dominated by the Gas.

According to, Accra is seen as a no man’s land, as people from diverse tribes travel from afar and near to feed on the goodies of the land. It wouldn’t be surprising to find most of the residents not being able to trace their roots – they can’t be blamed, since their ancestors took refuge in Accra from their miseries as sojourners and never wanted to remember or talk about their past. Frankly speaking, unless carbon dating, a lot of the residents can’t tell where they are from.

Accra is the home of the mass, a merry land for both the rich and the poor, tagged with the best resources to get the choicest delicacy by its residents. It is never a common phenomenon for a citizen of Accra to go a full day without food – at all cost, everybody gets the privilege to lick the bottom of a plate before the day ends.

When counting communities with good business atmospheres, Accra can’t be left out. Its business atmosphere is a sweet conversation to pick and is attributed to the activities of the early Europeans who settled at the coast, and the unlimited sojourners who up till date, keeps rallying into the city. This business atmosphere is one of the reasons why Accra keeps resonating on the mind of many people, not only in the hinterlands but also those in the seemingly rich cities. It is estimated that about 35% of the residents of Accra are immigrants. They are people who hear about the prospects of the land and give their all to pursuing the “Accra dream”. We can talk about people moving from Central Region, Ashanti Region, Northern Region, Bono and Ahafo Region, just to name a few, to Accra. Accra is a true representation of Ghana in essence, and thus worth the title as that capital city of Ghana.

Despite all the evil pink sheets levied against Accra as a dirty state and doesn’t qualify to be a capital city, it stood its ground as the most formidable capital and largest of city of Ghana. We can’t be oblivious of the bandwagon effect that is associated with higher population density. As such, the confines of places like, Circle, Accra central, Teshie, James town, Nima among others can’t detain themselves from being dirty. No matter the intensity of the work of the NCCE and the Mayors in these communities, given the literacy rate of the sojourners, they’ll keep heaping rubbish by the road sides and filling the gutters with their left overs. Nonetheless thanks be to God, and the commendable efforts of the Mayors and the watchmen of Accra, the filth is gradually fall into a depression.

Business is business, so is life in Accra life. When counting your blessings and you find your place of abode to be in Accra, then you are genuinely blessed and need to thank God for it. It is a blessing reserved for a few to live in Accra, whether your living condition is good or bad. At this point you think I’m bluffing right? Haha, unless you experience the real Accra life, you will see my claim as an exaggeration. But please stay with me in the next episode and let’s find out if there’s any truth in my claim.

By John Mefful

John Mefful is a virtual assistant and a freelance writer in diverse fields. He was born and groomed in the dark vegetation of Africa, Ghana to be precise. He is an Alumnus of the University of Cape coast, with strong writing and oratory skills. He is passionate about writings which challenge status quos.

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  1. I have been reading the article of you guys that’s the EMPIRE but I find this particular piece to be unique. Talking about the content too is powerful and associated with facts. Kudos my guy.

  2. Great piece. The style of writing is unique. The the poetic part is mind blowing. On the mind of many people afar Accra glitters but if they only know we would stay in their villages n towns like that. Accra will choke the life out of u.

  3. Interesting piece about Accra life. Can’t wait for the next episode….You always hit the nail right, and I commend you for your style of writing. Kudos, Mr Mefful

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