Surfing your desired mental satisfaction amidst morality and health bizarre can sometimes be daunting to our peace, yet it is the sole thing that we always get the maximum will power to do, though we don’t want to do it – funny, I guess? No matter how strong the voice of morality sound in our head, we get lots of quotations from philosophies propounded by our Immediate self-gratification need to silence that voice. In addition, health bizarre is not a thing to worry about since its impact will take decades to be actualized – the addicts thought.

The English Dictionary defines addiction firstly as an abnormally strong craving, followed by a formal award by a magistrate of a thing or person to another person (as the award of a debtor to his creditor); a surrender to a master. The etymology of the word “addiction” means slavery. Thus addiction is the state of one being ceding own power to another being in a legal (agreed) order. In effect, the addict surrenders to the master (addictive) the ability to say yes and no. It is then on point to say that a person who is addicted to drugs is a slave of drugs. In the nut shell all addicts are slaves.

Addiction is of different forms and have so many causes, though at the mention of addiction, the focus of our understanding falls on negative forms of addiction. Example drugs, masturbation, sex, food, internet, social media, among other things or activities that are personality degrading in nature. Apparently, the term addiction was coined for all forms of abnormally strong cravings where the individual involved is a slave to the thing or activity being craved for. So, addiction in its natural definition is both good and bad, depending on the context in which it is being defined. Defining addiction in the context of religion is positive when it has to do with God and His word. In the context of science, addiction is said to be positive when it has to do with healthy living (i.e eating balanced diet, reasonable exercising, keeping a clean environment among others). Nonetheless, a state of imbalanced craving in any of the settings above is seen as a negative or a bad form of addiction.

Interestingly, everybody on earth has one form or addiction or the other, which the majority falls in the category of negative or bad addiction. According to, almost 21 million Americans have at least one form of addiction which accounts for about 20% of depression or anxiety disorders among the populace. Talking about world wide figures on addiction, about 300 million people throughout the world have addiction issues (more specifically alcohol abuse). NIDA also asserts that the statistic for drug abuse increased from 45.4% to 46.6%, alcohol rose from 58.5% to 61.5%, cigarette rose from 22.3% to 24%, among others in the 2020 survey they conducted. These are alarming figures though the data collection exercise was cut short by covid’19. In Ghana though vivid data on drug abuse is not readily available, it is reported by psychiatric health professionals in a recent survey that 10% of inpatients, 20% to 30% of out patients cases originate from drug addiction. Given the number of laws and law enforcement resources that all these countries have, eliminating addiction in the context of drugs or substance abuse is proving impossible. If this form of addiction which is visible can not be eliminated, then what about the intangible ones? If even data on tangible forms of addiction is hardly available, then what about the intangible ones? it is worth giving our attention to the study of addiction, since it is one of the ruining factors of our economies.

By this series on addiction, we will be diving into the various forms, causes, effects and solutions to addictions. Please stay tuned.

By John Mefful

John Mefful is a virtual assistant and a freelance writer in diverse fields. He was born and groomed in the dark vegetation of Africa, Ghana to be precise. He is an Alumnus of the University of Cape coast, with strong writing and oratory skills. He is passionate about writings which challenge status quos.

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  1. Awesome n insightful. God i want to be addicted to u. Can’t wait for the part 2

  2. Powerful one there, Mr. Mefful. You have wet my appetite already. Can’t wait for the next space.

    More grace to do more

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