Talking deep into the night
Nothing really important most of the time
But girl, do we really need any important thing to talk about, to talk
Let us write a new love story
A story portraying our immense love for each other
A love so intense even the cold-hearted would crave
Or maybe let’s just write a story about the: “three Hebrew boys and the burning furnace”
How the heat alone could burn people
How these three found it entertaining enough to dance in the fire
They were doomed, but love came to their aid, their Lord saved them
When you find the right person for you, that fire of love doesn’t destroy you
And what about the fire, that love you have for each other
You don’t quench it
Refuel it, add more coal or wood or whatever you need, to keep the love alive
Because keeping fire alive requires work and our efforts will grow our love
I do not desire to love partially
I can only love completely, wholeheartedly
Love shouldn’t be any less intense
I am talking about a beautiful love
I am talking about a fairy tale kind of love
The seemingly unrealistic kind of love
The fusing of two hearts kind of love
So darling, whenever you are missing me, know that I am also missing you
Don’t misunderstand me though
I am not talking about an unrealistic expectation of love
It is constantly making the choice to love you, I talk about
It is the sacrifices I am willing to make for your happiness
It is about being there for you when you need someone
If I ever fail you, this is about loving you enough to apologise
And if you ever fail me, this is about me loving you enough to forgive you
I hope to constantly shower you with words crafted out of love
Because I know that these words mean a lot to you
And because the joy of your heart matters to me
I like to believe we share a beautiful love
Because Love, I really love you
Because I feel a wave of peace bath me whenever I talk to you
The sun’s rays perfectly illuminates the beauty that your body holds
And it hasn’t been much of a reason for my smiles than it is now
I imagine us siting under the moonlit night sky with arms on each other’s shoulders
Oh, how your skin rightfully seizes my gaze
When I look into the blossom of your blazing eyes
All I see is a sweet nectar that attracts this handsome bee
My eyes behold your lips to be slippery like the lubricant of aloe leaf
Tempting me to lean in for a kiss
I love how your loving arms create a blanket of love that I so easily get lost in
And how you whisper those sweet, magical, and eternal words of joy we share
But snap,
See how I am getting lost in my thought
It’s all worth it though
I smile whenever I catch myself thinking about you
You are the reason behind most of my smiles now
If I get a million chances to shout at you, I’ll rather choose to whisper these sweet magic words,
“I love you”

By Kwame Obeng

STEPHEN OKERAKU OBENG (KWAME OBENG) is a Ghanaian poetry and story writer. Since his childhood, Kwame has been a big lover of fictional love stories and has resorted to writing, to promote the course of love in real life.

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