Let me be the one to hold you.
Let me be the shoulder that you can rely on.
Let me be the little voice that still whispers love to the heart.
Let me be the one to share your shame, pronounce your fame, take you away, far away.
Let me be the one to unlock your heart and set her free from pain,
Take her out on a date and share her fate.

Let me be the one,
Let me be the one to tell you how much you mean to me.
Let me be the one to say I love you; I need you to complete the picture; be my pencil and eraser,
To shape for us a brighter future, let me be the one.
Let me be the one to keep the company, the only one beside you when that day comes, when the moon fakes a smile,
And the eyes of the Sun had grown too dim to shine brighter,
That we may not taste of real honey and milk amidst the tears if the sky,

Let me be the one,
To unravel our chances of being together forever till death brings us closer to each other again.
To cater for the mind’s chatter; the soul’s discomforting dilemma.
Let me be the one to treat you right from the thoughts of suicide and to cure your depression.
Let me be the one; as an eviction noticed to your anxiety;
Please, allow me to be the one,
That you may be able to see your true self, a perfect reflection of a perfect Creator, and even how beautiful you’re amidst all of your sorrows, and the strong persistent desire to end your life, cut it short that you wouldn’t be able to feel the pains of tomorrow.

Let me be the one,
To remind that there’s a better day ahead and you just have to keep pressing forward.
Let me be the one to remind you once again, that you’re still flesh and blood with many flaws, but NEVER GIVE UP,
I never promised that it’d be easy, but all hope isn’t lost yet,
There’s still more time to get it right, there’s enough time to win, please don’t kill yourself, life isn’t over yet. Try again and you’d get there.

Let me be the one,
to address you well to the world that they may know who YOU are;
You’re very special, great, wonderful, beautiful, amazing, outstanding and the most cherished art of nature, fearfully and wonderfully made.
And if you ever had a dilemma, I’d still choose you as my first without doubts nor regret.
So let me be the one to doubt your doubts, and kill your low self-esteem, and trash your egos.
Let me be the one to set your pride flag ablaze without a single trace.

Let me be the one,
To gush red wine from my veins that ye may tread on that red carpet a free man, and a saved soul
Let me be the one to provide for you a wonderful abode, a better shelter that ye may not wander in ulster disarray like a withered leaf in autumn.
Let me be the one,
to unshackle you from the undeserving; porn, masturbation, fornication, greed and envy, jealousy and hypocrisy, theft, lies, cheating and fraud, bribes and corruption, lust, occultism and alcoholism.
Let me be your light to refrain and your armour to shield you against the dark,
Let me be the one to help you tread upon the high places.
Trust, have Faith and believe my words, confess to me,
Let me be the one to hold your hands and to call you my own; I’d choose you always above all odds.
Let me be the one,
And I shall kiss your fears goodbye and cause your tears to seize.

Let me be the one to bind you, glued to your heart and thoughts like an accurate piece of art; a perfect match.
Let me be the one to help you sail across the storm unharmed.
I know you’re tired and feel like quitting but please DON’T.
I know there’re lots of trails leading to your pains and the frustrations.
But let me be your humble servant to serve you better, your King to meet your needs, your people to honour you, your counsellor and warrior to defend you.

Let me be your best friend to walk you through; success thirst for you, and sweet victory awaits to embrace you with arms opened wide.
Let me be the one, and I shall help you heal, and sets your soul free.
Let me be the one to be your only ONE.
Just let me be the one; JESUS, your anchor.

By: Isaac Kwofie Junior

By geniuskwesi

ISAAC KWOFIE is a proud young Ghanaian who has much love for writing. He’s a script writer, has got several quotes in stock, a spoken word artiste and a lover of poem writing. He’s a great fan of creativity and admires nature to the maxim. He’s very observant and analytical when it comes to dealing with issues. He has volunteered as an agent of transformation who aims to transform lives and enrich potentials through his numerous writings.

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