The gloomy scenery of the morning sky when the sun has given off its beautiful-big smile to the universe is a beaconing hope message to humanity. If darkness could not keep away the beautiful shining rays of the sun forever, then surely once yesterday’s hardship didn’t kill you, it can’t deprive you of a glorious day tomorrow. Your glorious view will soon be turned on.

The recession of loud sounds from beaches, streets, and markets is a signal of an ending day, paving way for mankind to lay to rest their worn-out bodies from the day’s hard labour. Many people drop lids on their eyeballs but are rejected by sleep in the standing ovation of many thoughts rushing in and out of their seemingly small heads. Apparently, If the minds of people have loudspeakers of their own; nine (9) pm at most is always a burial ceremony for the broken, tired, deprived and the oppressed. Many people sleep with desires of missing the next day – they pray they die before day break.

Dreaming in the mind starts at the end of dreams in the soul, when the morning sun calls for the best wishes form of greetings – good morning from people. Sometimes the sight of joy on the face of the day’s well-wisher’s greetings, forces smiles out of the face of the sleep-robbed individual. At other times too, the individual may want to ask, “what is good about the morning?” as a response to the greetings, but for the love of humanity, s/he swallows his/her venom down the throat and keeps a straight face, or may ignore the greetings totally. It is very easy for one to express the discomfort that such responses give, but you end up asking yourself, “what is wrong with him/her?”.  In the end you will be wondering what you would have done if you walked his trail or wore the same shoes as him. Perhaps worse than he/she did. Truth be told, we can’t be oblivious of the fact that people are really suffering.

Every single day is another hard knuckle of life’s adventure to many people. Think about the homeless and family-ridden people, whose survival is dependent on their ability to suck dews from people’s pockets on the streets. Think about the young ladies whose begging for money by the streets is an abomination to the rich, yet a pleasant and heavenly experience for them (the rich) to pick them (the young ladies) up as prostitutes for the night’s ride. As evil as their means of survival is, and needs to be condemned, how do we pass on the verdict of doom, when we don’t have a substitute means of survival for them? For all you know that young lady is prostituting to take care of her family, same as the young pick pocketer or armed robber. It is very easy to preach that they go learn a trade or something to make a living for themselves when you are from the other side. You will be very surprised to know that before most of these young deviants became a menace to society, they sought for help to learn trade but had none. Some were able to raise money to pay for their apprenticeship fees, but the hustles with feeding themselves as apprentices made them give up on having a genuine standard of living or life in totality. Some have ended their lives, others are on the verge of following suit, some are pressing on in the hardships, and others have become a burden for the society. 

Indeed, happiness is a state of mind, but i dare you to try starving your best friend for just one minute and in the next minute, demand he laughing with you and see the results. You can’t demand the hungry to laugh with the satisfied in the name of “happiness is a state of mind”. Thus, before you pass on the condemning verdict on the hungry deviants, please provide them with an alternate solution, because many of them hail from a very long distant land.

From a far land hailed many people who by virtue of radios or televisions or the conspicuous spending of the privileged who are graced to have a place among the urban settlers and are back home to say hello to their longtime no see relatives, become aware of some heaven full of treasures somewhere. The news of treasure island being a no man’s land out there becomes a gospel to the ambitious rural folk, and he becomes a die-hard fan to buy a place among the urban dwellers. Whatever the advice on this voyage will be, they seem not to care about that. They just want to get their pound of this greener pasture out there.

Upon their arrival and getting knocked out by the only rule of law (survival here is by who you know) in the new land, going back home is no option to consider; rendering many as destitute. Those who can give in to stealing or armed robbery do so, those who can throw away their dignities to become prostitutes hop on to it, among others. The strongest in will power among them are able to cope with the stinking battle in the market, and are able to connect with truck and head pan lords to make a living out of either truck pushing or load carrying (kayaye).

The journey from the place of comfort is actually full of mysteries that only strange angels hold the keys to living without miseries. But the question is who are these angels? Against all odds, if the angels are known, I believe giving nice responses to well wishes wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack at all. But guess what? You can be the angel!. Yes you!! You this wonderful individual reading this article, you hold a strong key to assist someone live with ease. I know you are wondering how, but stay with me in this article. 

If the urban dweller who is not a destitute, sometimes want to ask what is good about the morning, then let’s ask ourselves what the rural and the nothing – is – going – well – for – me folk’s response will be. At least by sunset the urban dweller would have made a living-whether by genuine or foul means, and will not be caught or arrested. What about the rural folk in the everybody knows everybody’s business community? virtually you have no where to hide after committing a crime. Even if you do, you will surely find your name out there tied with red band, signifying a death sentence issued by the most feared god. Thus, the real problem, lies within the dwelling of the rural folks. If angels can fly to their aid in time, I believe they can also make more meaning out of their lives and not take blind voyages.

The absence of basic developmental necessities in the rural areas such as better schools, hospitals, markets, electricity, among others are limiting factors that hinders the economic and personal developments of the rural or deprived folks. For instance, an account of one missionary’s experience with certain typical rural settlers in Oti region – Ghana, revealed that the dwellers gave birth on the bare floor or ground. He had to give out his jacket to them at one point, for the newly born baby to rest it, upon seeing the fresh from womb baby lying on the bare ground crying, whiles the deliverer was attending to the weak baby mother. In fact, he was really shocked. 

In addition, there is a pool of fresh J.H.S and S.H.S graduates in these deprived communities who wander about without knowing what to do with their lives. Some wake up to see no food at home, so by force they’ll have to visit some friends to get something to eat. After eating, nowhere to go again, making the big tree close to the football pitch the dwelling of the “aimless”. The fortunate gets the opportunity to either join his family to the farm or is employed to work in someone’s farm. They are talented, but who will help them polish their talents or get into tertiary schools for good training? Even the transition from J.H.S to S.H.S used to be a great deal for most of them, but thank God for the presence of the free S.H.S policy in Ghana, they are also graduates (S.H.S).

So, you see…people are truly suffering. The dreams of many are shuttered by virtue of the displacement of dwelling, but thank God there are still good people out there who will want to stretch out helping hands to these people. I want to use this platform to appeal to all my readers out there to join Sanctuary Compassion of Christ International Foundation (SCCIF) to champion the course of giving life to these deprived people. Among the foundation’s mission is to assist these young graduates to get into tertiary schools, establish vocational schools for dropouts in the communities we visit, foster peace among neighbouring communities by organizing annual football competitions for them, among others. So, if you posses the capability to assist a brilliant but needy student there with a scholarship, please get in touch and be an angel to that boy or girl.

Finally, being a life giver doesn’t have to, and it doesn’t cost much. It is all about you unleashing your potential of putting smiles or laughter on the faces of people. SCCIF is embarking on a five (5), ten (10), twenty (20), fifty (50), hundred (100), two hundred (200), thousand (1000), two thousand (2000) Ghana cedis…just any amount project to raise funds to support the its projects. We have operation care for the needy, make Christmas a splendor, medical outreach, teaching, tutoring and youth empowerment outreach, among others coming off on December 24th to December 28th, 2020. It’s a yearly outreaching project that we embark on in deprived communities. We just want to play our part in making the world a better place for all.

You might want to be a blessing to someone in the coming Christmas season, you may want to buy a school bag for one, two or five students as their Christmas gift. Perhaps you want to make one or two widows in the community happy, you want to make them feel someone cares about- a bag of rice, oil and other ad-dons will do the magic. You want to say thank you to a farmer in the community by buying farm inputs for the farmers, among other means of giving life to our deprived folks. We can all do something to make them feel loved in the coming Christmas season.

Please…don’t say you have nothing. That your used clothes or dress can be new clothes or dresses to someone out there. Don’t burn them please…just give us a call and we will reach out to you to collate all of them and bless our deprived people’s lives with it.

Be a blessing to someone, be a life giver, join the move of Sanctuary Compassion of Christ International Foundation (SCCIF), to build, equip and develop our brothers and sisters in the deprived communities and they won’t get on to blind voyages to become a burden to you, the urban dweller. Angels of the hustled, please reach out to SCCIF on 0246663097 – Director Felix (Paapa).

By John Mefful (Truth) 

By John Mefful

John Mefful is a virtual assistant and a freelance writer in diverse fields. He was born and groomed in the dark vegetation of Africa, Ghana to be precise. He is an Alumnus of the University of Cape coast, with strong writing and oratory skills. He is passionate about writings which challenge status quos.

10 thought on “ANGEL OF THE HUSTLED”
  1. Beautiful piece Truth….the world needs to hear this cos it will go a long way to heal this sick world of ours

  2. We need not make hasty judgements but we must rather provide solutions. Let’s help a brother/sister out of his/her situation that we will not be victims to their future actions. Thanks for the awareness.

  3. That’s so heart touching, God richly bless you for being the angel to create this awareness

  4. A great piece to draw our minds to one of the most important roles to play in society. God bless you Truth for this.

    May grace abound for us to be faithful in this call.

  5. Very very insightful. As you’ve already said , we as individual have some basic role to play in order to help others and that is what the Lord want us to do as believers . God bless you for taking such a great move .

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