We are a kingdom of revolutionary minded writers, whose writings are very prophetic (directional) and aim at creating a world of love where bitterness is eschewed.


According to www.seo.com, the most important benefit is learning from others experiences and knowledge. This is the real reason articles should be written. Sharing valuable information is a great way for businesses and individuals to help the world get to know them and trust their services or knowledge. 

To make the world a better place, we have to keep sharing our thoughts an knowledge across borders, for a knowledge shared is a life saved or a standard of living improved.


Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience … through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm – www.britannica.com
More so, It is any literary work which intensely expresses thoughts and feelings through the compilation of carefully chosen words to form sounds and images. These writings are strategically arranged for a specific effect that would help convey the necessary information.


A good quote can be the heart of a compelling article. Good quotes help to tell stories and enhance the credibility of a press release, news story or speech. Words that are crafted well can leave a lasting impact on the world.retrieved on 2/19/2020 at 3:14 am)

Quotes are used either for the purpose of spreading the message contained in them or as a basis for a longer write piece. For very short write pieces that carry a message, visit our Quotes category.

Stephen Okeraku Obeng (Kwame Obeng)

Co founder and the main administrator of the The Empire

“In the union of a boy and a girl, there is always a sacred place where their souls meet to talk about the state of their heart. Consequently, every rhythm in their heat beat is a whisper of love from the other.

So then we say, let us tell the story together… in the Empire”

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About me

I am a specialist of love poems

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John Mefful (Truth)

Cofounder and a supporting Administrator of The Empire

“The beauty of humanity rest in the basis for their existence. For instance, Many have existed before our coming to earth, and their existence have had marvelous impact on our lives. Talk about technological advancement and you will discover their accumulated experiences gave as a broad array of knowledge to begin our research with. Consequently, their documented life style gave us enough confidence to satisfy our curiosity, resulting in the advancement of the living standard of our generation. we owe posterity a good report of our lives on earth. Do not deprive them of it.”


I  am a Wordsmith – a craftsman of words

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